Additional pipe services

Flow Coat
  • Improves gas flow by up to 15 percent
  • Excellent long-term adhesion to steel
  • Protects internal surfaces during long periods of storage
High Build Epoxy
  • Quality assured application process as approved by Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) for potable water
Slotted Pipe & Field Joint Coating

At BSR we can carry out the removal of sections of the external 3-layer  polypropylene (PP) or Ployethylene (PE) & 4-layer PP coatings. Slotted pipes can be used for Field Joint Coating (FJC) qualifications, as this simulates the field joint.  The field joint is the area where two pipe joints meet and are welded together, or sections of coating removed, so if the pipes are required to be cut length, a cutback area will be readily available to the clients required specifications.

The removed sections of the coatings on the pipe will be free from any coatings to show an externally bare surface section of the pipe and a Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) toe re-applied.  


Anode Pads

Anode doubler plates can be attached to pipes prior to external coating application. The coating is then removed by wire brushing to allow attachment of the anodes at a later stage.

Welding of the anode doubler plates is generally to BS4515-1, DNV OS-F101, etc. (other national/international welding standards or Client standards can be considered) and in accordance with our QHSE Work Instruction

A typical Weld Procedure Qualification Report can be viewed here and photographs of anode doubler plates installed on 3 Layer Polypropylene coated and 4 Layer PPF coated pipes are shown below.

anodepad4layer_large.jpg4 Layer PPF coated pipes





anodepad.jpg3 Layer Polypropylene coated





On 3LPP/3LPE coated pipes a single plate would be attached (one or two plates per pipe as required).

On 4LPPF coated pipes an extended anode doubler plate (one or two plates per pipe as required) would be attached to cater for the higher coating thickness.


Our coastal location, at Hartlepool in the North East of England, is ideally placed for North-Sea operations.  Good sea, rail and road links also ensure an efficient service to onshore operations throughout mainland Europe and the UK.

We have a large site and can offer extensive storage facilities to our customers.  For instance, we hold and manage strategic gas pipeline stock for National Grid, inspecting and repairing pipe if required and coating it to order.

We have a proven track record in setting up pipe storage yards for our customers.  Our stringent control and recording of unique pipe numbers ensures complete tracability from receipt of linepipe at our plant to final delivery of coated products to our customers.