Getting it right

We employ thorough work practices to ensure that our coated pipes meet exacting and precise specifications - every time. Our plant is maintained and managed to the highest standards to deliver a reliable performance.

Before blast cleaning, we protect all bevelled pipe edges with end caps as standard. Because good pipe preparation is a key factor in the correct application of coatings, we pay particular attention to the cleaning process. We mechanically blast clean using selected grades of steel shot and grit to a white metal standard.

With coating process lines incorporating multiple test and inspection stages, BSR also carry out initial pipe receipt and final inspections. Infra-red detection equipment monitors pipe temperature parameters; coating application is meticulously controlled.

Further to In-line inspection, test analysis equipment is utilised within our on-site laboratory. We carry out batch tests on powder coating and Polyolefin supplies and conduct ring tests on finished pipe samples. Our laboratory team undertakes testing such as Cathodic Disbondment, Hot water immersion, Peel Adhesion etc, to ensure coating adherence, coverage and depth meet specifications.

Our team employ expertise and experience derived from the steel, coatings and hydrocarbons industries. They understand the criticality of coated linepipe performance. Our commitment to delivering world-class coated linepipe is reflected in the fact that several of our team members hold the Approved Coating Certificates. To maintain skills and keep abreast of coating technology, we invest in several ongoing training programmes.